First Saturdays


Production Company

Director - Justin Kurzel

Agency - CHE Proximity

Production Company
- Revolver/Will O'Rourke

Editor - Jack Hutchings

Colourist - Olivier Fontenay

VFX Supervisor - Tom Corbett & Jamie Watson

Managing Director/Executive Producer
- Michael Ritchie

Executive Producer
- Pip Smart

Producer - Serena Paull & Ian Iveson

Director of Photography
- Sam Chiplin

Production Designer - Pete Baxter

Post Production - Heckler

Executive Producer - Bonnie Law

FX Artist - Mark Chataway

Senior Compositor - Maxence Pellion

Senior Flame Artist
- Brad Smith

IO & Edit Assistant - Dan Page

Sound and Music Company - Sonar Music

Music Composer - Antony Partos

Mixer - Andy Wright

Sonar Music Executive Producer - Sophie Haydon

Stills Production Company - The Pool Collective

Photography - Matthew Thorne

Producer - Christiana Roberts

Post Production, Stills - Iren Skaarnes